How to Move House Without Unsettling the Kids

Moving house with young children can be very traumatic, even if you are moving to your dream property. It disrupts your routine and the routine of the rest of the family, particularly younger children.

Moving House without Unsettling The Kids

Moving House without Unsettling The Kids

While some kids are not badly affected by changes in routine, many are and they find it difficult to cope. They need to be continually reassured and, when it comes to moving, they need to be involved in what is happening.

There are certain steps that you can take once you know you are going to be moving. Then when it comes to packing, there are ways that you can involve the children. And once you get to your new home, there are many ways you can make them feel relaxed and at ease, and reassured about the normality of the move.

Explain the Move

People move for a plethora of reasons that range from having to relocate because of employment opportunities to not being able to afford the house they currently live in. Whatever the reason, when moving house you need to let the kids know that it is going to happen. If they understand in simple terms what the future holds, then when you start moving house, they are much more likely to take it in their stride.

Describe the New Location

Giving them some insight into where they are going is a really great way to involve the children. If you are close enough, drive them to the new house and show them the neighborhood. If you are relocating to another town, city or perhaps another state or even country, then show them pictures on the Internet and get them excited about the move.

Dealing with Distance

Deciding how to move long distances can be very challenging. While a lot will hinge on the age or ages of your kids, friends are inevitably going to be one of the biggest issues. Nobody wants to leave friends behind. Fortunately today with email and Skype, you and your children will be able to maintain contact more easily than in the past. Explain this to the kids so that they know moving house won’t mean an end to their valuable friendships. Also encourage them to think about how exciting it will be to make new friends.

Make Packing Fun

Even if you’ve got a removal company to handle your move, chances are you and your children will want to pack your own personal belongings. Make it fun and do it with them.

Become a Cheerleader

Often the initial feeling of excitement about moving is overtaken by fear of the unknown and even dread. Try to prevent this by maintaining positivity and enthusing about all the opportunities and new experiences that the family will have in your new home after moving house.

Once you get to your new home, count your blessings and celebrate the journey.