Is It Worth Employing a Home Staging Professional

Have you ever considered whether it is worth employing a Home Staging Professional to get your home sold quickly? If you have decided to sell your home, you want to make it look as good as possible before you put it on the market. While it’s a no-brainer that you should tidy and clean up, is it necessary to do some home staging? Taking that idea a step further, is it worth employing a home staging professional to do the job for you?

Staging a Home

Before you make up your mind whether to employ a pro to do the job for you, be sure you understand what staging a home involves, and why it is an important step if you have your home for sale.

Home staging is a lot like home decorating, only it is done to please an audience you don’t know, rather than to make you and your family feel happy and at home. In short home staging is part of a process that real estate agents use to sell houses.

When staging a home, you (or a home staging professional) will focus on creating a look that will appeal to a broad range of tastes.

The Role of a Home Staging Professional

Once you have fixed and repaired all the necessary elements of your home, perhaps painted the walls and replaced anything that was obviously broken, a home staging professional will take things a step further, in readiness for putting the house on the market.

Here’s what most will do next:

Look through your home with a critically trained eye and recommend what needs to be done to make it looks its best. This should, preferably be in the form of a written report.

Make suggestions in terms of your personal possessions and furniture, recommending what you move or indeed remove from the house. Remember it is a proven fact that buyers respond better to homes that have less clutter and have been depersonalized. They want to imagine themselves in the home, not you. It’s nothing personal!

Make suggestions in terms of ways you can highlight features and minimize visually unattractive areas of your home. This might involve moving furniture, hanging different curtains, or perhaps giving a lick of paint to a wall you have so far ignored.

Choose items for successful home staging. These could be anything from flowers or bowls of fresh fruit, pot plants or quality ornaments, to artwork or furniture. The fact that your home will look more like a show house than a lived in family home is an advantage. Embrace the idea.

You might feel that you can do all this yourself, and maybe you can, but staging a home takes skill and experience. Furthermore, a home staging professional will usually have access to suitable props and objects that you would otherwise have to borrow or buy.

At the end of the day, a well-turned out house will attract attention and get snapped up much more quickly than one that lacks pizzazz, even if it is your family home. So bear this in mind when you decide whether or not to hire a pro to do your home staging for you.

For some great information and a discussion about whether you should stage or not, please call me or drop me an email and lets chat and see what would be best suited to your home!